Certified Timber Cruising

A timber inventory (timber cruise) can be necessary for a number of reasons: Selling Timber - Timberland Acquisition - Forest Management Planning -  Estate Planning - Forestry Investment Analysis - Timber Damage Appraisal. The timber cruise, or timber inventory, is the starting place for timber valuation. Until the forest landowner knows the volume of timber on a property, he cannot know the value of the timber.

Title Work

A timber sale contract is the most important document involved in conducting a timber sale. A well-prepared contract ensures the understanding of all parties. Timber sale contracts usually include provisions that outline who, what, where, when, and how a timber sale will occur. Contracts will also spell out remedies in the event of a dispute

Timber Management Plans

Every business must have a plan for success. Tree farming is no exception. A plan will qualify your forest for government grants and keep your goals clearly in front. A consulting forester can help you define your goals and write a plan that will meet your needs for management and cost-share assistance. The forest management plan that we can prepare for you will include: Property location and legal land description - Purpose of plan - List of woodland management objectives which our foresters will assist you in.                                                                                                                                                         
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Drone Technology Services

Digital analysis of drone based imagery has proved to be a highly useful and cost- effective technique for forestry. The analysis of the imagery reduces the need for field measurements, and improves the precision and accuracy of forest assessments, by potentially replacing sampling with close-to-stand census information.     
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