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If you are a land owner wanting to post your property

information, please review the information below.

As the land owner, there are certain items that must be completed before any sale transactions can be completed. We provide you with a free service for the listing of the tracts that you want to post and in return you agree to adhere to our terms of service and to follow our policies and procedures. When completing your property information form, please be as precise as possible and complete all the required fields on the listing information form. You may enter as many listings as you desire and there is no restriction on how long your listings can remain active as long as they are still for sale.

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If you have not registered with us just click the link below to send us an email about the listing(s) you would like to post. After your property is listed, you should start receiving offers from the buyers that are interested in connecting with you. It’s really that simple. We will continue to list your property until you request that we cancel the listing.

Timber Buyers

As a buyer of timber, you have probably realized that from time to time it can be difficult to locate timber tracts that you may be interested in. At Timber Hunters we offer a service that can save you time. resources, and money. Just subscribe to our listing service for the low rate of $29.00 per month and you will have access to a variety of tracts that you may not otherwise have knowledge of. You may choose to renew your subscription when it expires or just let it expire. Your subscription does not automatically renew. If you locate a listing that you would like to purchase, just send an email to the address provided on the listing contact form and we will initiate the process. Our service is simple and very easy to use. Click a link below to proceed.           Become a Registered Buyer

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