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Whether   you’re   a   landowner   looking   to   sell   your   timber   or   a   timber   buyer   looking   for   some good   investment   opportunities,   Timber   Hunters   can   assist   you   in   reaching   your   goal.   From state   to   state      &   county   to   county,   using   our   resources   will   save   you   time,   effort,   &   money. Our location services are extremely user friendly and are updated daily. By   using   our   specialized   service   you   can   view   listings   posted   by   landowners   from   all   over the country and have access to “other” services such as; Certified timber cruising Title work for owner verification, lien check, mortgage check Timber management plans Drone   technology   for   the   promotion   of   their   timber   tract,   and   in   the   timber   cruise service Our   listing   service   is   provided   free   of   charge   to   land   owners   so   the   incentive   for   them   to use our service helps insure we always have a vast amount of listings to choose from. As   a   buyer,   we   provide   you   an   opportunity   to   view   our   listings   as   often   as   you   wish   based on the Subscription Plan you select.
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